NCA Helds Soft Launching of Biodiversity Management Master Plan to Participate in Global Environmental Campaign

JAKARTA - Following the launch of the Net Zero Emission Strategy or Regionally/Locally Determined Contribution at COP 28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as well as the Voluntary Local Review of Sustainable Development Goals in Thailand, the Nusantara Capital Authority (NCA) held a soft launch of the Biodiversity Management Master Plan at Hutan Kota by Plataran, Jakarta on Tuesday (26/03/2024).


This master plan is a manifestation of NCA's commitment to building a sustainable forest city that prioritizes the protection and good management of biodiversity. This is in line with the presidential instruction regarding mainstreaming biodiversity conservation in sustainable development. Additionally, NCA developed this master plan as its contribution to the global biodiversity protection target as advocated through the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) 2022.


"We are committed to supporting global campaigns for climate change control, sustainable development, and biodiversity. This document demonstrates NCA's concrete steps to protect and develop biodiversity because Kalimantan has extraordinary biodiversity. We are also open to suggestions from friends from around the world to realize best practices in sustainable development," said Chairman of NCA, Bambang Susantono, on the occasion.


The Biodiversity Management Master Plan (Kehati) was prepared over nearly a year through extensive discussions with experts, NGOs, practitioners, several ministries, and the East Kalimantan government. Baseline surveys were also conducted to complement and update existing biodiversity data in the NCA area. Last year, a Public Consultation was held to present the study results. NCA, through the Deputy of Environment and Natural Resources, prepared this with the support of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) through the Sustainable Infrastructure Assistance program funded by the Australian Government.


The soft launching event was simple yet lively in an atmosphere full of camaraderie. This event was attended by several ambassadors from friendly countries such as the Australian Ambassador, Penny Williams; British Ambassador, Dominic Jermey; New Japanese Ambassador, Masaki Yasushi; Finnish Ambassador, Jukka-Pekka Kaihilahti; and Deputy Ambassador of the Netherlands, Adriaan Palm. Also present were Afke Bootsman, Head of the UN Representative Office in Indonesia, and Renadi Budiman, Deputy Country Director of the Indonesia Resident Mission of the ADB. USAID Mission Director for Indonesia, representatives from the European Union, leading Indonesian academics such as Professors Jatna Supriatna and Daniel Murdiyarso, Deputy of BRIN, Hendrian, activists from various NGOs, student organizations, environmental and animal lovers' communities, as well as influencers such as Davina Veronica, Jheremy Owen, Riza Marlon, and many others were also in attendance.


Renadi Budiman, representing the ADB, stated, "As we are involved in the journey to realize this document, we will support collaboration among stakeholders, including with local communities, NGOs, and the private sector. This document marks the beginning of this collaborative work."


Ambassador Penny Williams explained various Australian Government supports for NCA. In her speech, Ambassador Williams mentioned that NCA will be known as the "Forest City", likening it to Canberra, which is known as "the Bush Capital" surrounded by many protected areas. "This master plan document provides clear guidance in conserving ecosystem diversity to propel Indonesia into a sustainable world city," said Ambassador Williams.


The NCA Biodiversity Master Plan sets policy directions, programs, and targets for biodiversity protection in NCA for the next five years (2024-2029). This document is the initial step in determining the fundamentals of the NCA forest city as it enters the third stage of development and is essential for achieving the 2030 Kunming-Montreal GBF targets.


"I had the opportunity to visit NCA some time ago. There I witnessed how, amidst massive infrastructure development, efforts to protect the environment were also ongoing, accompanied by the involvement of local communities. This document provides an opportunity for Indonesia to set an example of how to run sustainable urban development. We will engage in supporting NCA development through climate resilience programs," said the British Ambassador.


It should be noted that NCA is part of the biodiversity hotspot in Indonesia with a high level of endemism. This document includes data on remaining ecosystems, habitats and species, as well as 7 biodiversity protection programs with the hope of achieving Nature Positive in NCA by increasing biodiversity populations and types by 2030.


"ONCA's commitment to conserving biodiversity corridors is an admirable step, but every transformative step needs to be followed by action in implementation. Several key elements are crucial in this regard, such as measurable action plans with publicly accessible information, mitigation strategies to minimize impacts, and the application of principles of inclusivity, green and circular economies," Afke Bootsman emphasized.


Ambassador Masaki Yasushi expressed, "The strategies outlined in this document are in line with several themes of Japan-Indonesia cooperation. Japan has long supported mangrove restoration. This document mentions the importance of protecting Balikpapan Bay where there are mangrove ecosystems. The Japanese government is ready to contribute to biodiversity protection in NCA."


As part of this activity, a dialogue was also held with the Deputy of Environment and Natural Resources of NCA, Myrna Safitri, and Willie Smits as a member of the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Committee of NCA. Students, influencers, and communities of animal lovers actively and critically posed questions in this dialogue.


"This document will mean nothing without assistance from all parties. At least we need support to enrich data and develop technology, conduct campaigns on the importance of biodiversity in NCA development, and effectively and responsibly monitor so that NCA development remains within the corridor that preserves this biodiversity richness," Deputy Myrna concluded at the end of the event.

(Tuesday,March 26th 2024)


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Source:Nusantara Capital Authority Public Relations

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